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The Catch

I was inspired by a couple of things - firstly a video that's been going round of this kid who get's upset that his mom is cutting up a fish... made me start thinking... then I saw Joe Rogan's latest comedy specials where he asks the question 'what if Dolphins experience consciousness just like us?' And finally this crazy manga that I read as a kid where people ate mermaids to gain immortality - SO... this one is the first in a bunch of personal paintings that I'm working on to show the kinds of themes that I have swirling around in my head right now... Yeah I eat fish!

Kelvin liew mermaid3

Worked on the shadows to make her more grounded and then added a lighting layer.

Kelvin liew mermaid2

Reworked the skin and the fish to improve their material definition.

Kelvin liew mermaid1

1st Draft - things happen so quickly when I'm in the zone that I never think of saving some intermediate stages! It looks like nothing - and then it looks like something - takes an hour or two and I'm like an art zombie!