Cyclops Retiarius

Kelvin liew screenshot003
Kelvin liew cyclops 1
Cyclops Posed
Kelvin liew sculpt turnaround
Low Poly Turnaround 50K polys with normal map and AO
Kelvin liew screenshot000
Kelvin liew screenshot001
Kelvin liew screenshot002
Kelvin liew wireframe

55K Game Character for next gen console and PC.

I wanted to create a cyclops character that looked imposing and dangerous but also noble (something different from the usual dumb brute interpretations of cyclopes). Cyclopses were meant to be the children of Poseidon so I felt a retiarius or trident wielding gladiator would work best. I Was influenced by Guillermo Del Toro's creature designs in Pan's Labyrinth etc...

Zbrush - initial sculpting & polypaint
3D Coat - Low poly re-topo
3DS Max - Unwrap, rigging and posing
Xnormal - Map baking
Quixel & Photoshop - Texturing
Mudbox - Texture cleanup