Tornado Shotgun - concept art

Kelvin liew presentation 1
Kelvin liew deployment
Kelvin liew shotgun back view
Kelvin liew shotgun front view
Kelvin liew shotgun wasp camo
Kelvin liew shotgun front modern
Kelvin liew shotgun front modern presentation

Weapon concept block meshed in 3dsmax, rendered quickly via marmoset and over painted in photoshop for materials and detail.

The Tornado shotgun is a next generation multipurpose sidearm. In carry form it is the size of an SMG but when deployed it becomes a fearsome close range sidearm ideal for room clearing and close encounters. The magazine holds 24 rounds which can be uniform or mixed enabling the user to call up a variety of specialised munition as needed. Control of shot selection is digital with analog backups.

The weapon comes equipped with a holo visual sight that needs no housing, back up iron sights, laser/light combo, integrated fold out foregrip and muzzle brake. Picatinny rails allow weapon customisation. The soldier can carry several magazines or reload the magazine as required via a side slot.